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For many years, scientific findings repeatedly established that individuals who sustain repeated head trauma, such as concussions, are at an increased risk of permanent brain trauma. Studies have found that former NFL players have suffered chronic brain injuries from playing football, including Parkinson’s syndrome, dementia, memory loss, cognitive defects, changes in mood and personality, and mental illness.

Recent medical studies presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference confirm that retired NFL players face considerably higher risks of developing neurological and memory-related disorders, which may be linked to the repeated concussions that football players encounter when playing the game.

In 2011, a group of retired professional football players filed personal injury lawsuits against the NFL and related entities, alleging negligence. This meant that the organizations had breached their duty of care in failing to take reasonable action to protect players from the long-term harm of playing football.

Money for compensation has been made available by the NFL through a settlement fund established because of the serious risks caused by repetitive concussions and the NFL’s prior knowledge of these risks. See our Lawsuits page for information on the lawsuits that have been settled and those still pending, as well as details on what you need to do if you have been injured and believe you may have a claim.

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If you suffered a concussion while in the NFL, you may be entitled to compensation. Recovery may include past and future medical bills, lost wages, diminished quality of life, and pain and suffering. If you are the spouse of a victim, you may be able to recover damages due to loss of spousal consortium or, if your loved one died, compensation for the loss of her companionship.


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