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Thousands of drugs and devices go on the market every year that prove to be a danger to consumers. We are dedicated to providing those injured or ill with valuable information to help you understand what caused your adverse health affects and what your legal options are.  A few of the causes we are currently fighting include injuries caused by drugs like Invokana®, Risperdal®, Bravelle® and Physiomesh®.

Who We Are

We are a Texas-based law firm dedicated to defective products and serious personal injury litigation for clients across the United States. Avram Blair & Associates, P.C. is passionate about helping individuals and families injured by defective products.

What We Do

We provide valuable information about dangerous drugs, medical devices, and catastrophic injuries to those who need it. We also provide a connection to the valuable legal team at Avram Blair & Associates, P.C., a law practice dedicated to helping individuals and families injured by defective products.

Why We Do It

We truly care about the welfare of people who suffered serious injury from defective products and dangerous drugs. Consumers deserve access to the right information so that they may understand the causes of their injuries or illness. At Avram Blair & Associates, P.C. we are dedicated to ensuring those who have been injured have assistance in navigating the information and the opportunity to proceed with legal recourse.

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Hernia Mesh Statute of Limitations

Hernia Mesh Statute of Limitations

With lawsuits actively being filed, it is important to have a good understanding of hernia mesh statute of limitations. If you are unfamiliar with the term, here is an explanation. Statute of limitations refers to the time period in which individuals may pursue legal...

Hernia Mesh Settlement Figures | The Latest Update

Hernia Mesh Settlement Figures | The Latest Update

Hernia mesh cases are processing as you read this. New settlements amounts and awards are now available. This sheds light on one of the most common questions: “How much will my case settle for?” Unfortunately, attorneys can not guarantee definite dollar amounts to...

The Hernia Mesh Settlement Landscape: An Update

The Hernia Mesh Settlement Landscape: An Update

You may be wondering what the hernia mesh settlement landscape looks like. The issue covers several manufacturers and different types of products. It can be confusing to consumers. This update will bring clarity to the issue. The more information you have, the better...

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